About Us

M2 Payment Solutions, Inc. is an established transaction processing company with operation centers in Maitland, Florida. The principles of M2 Payment Solutions, Inc. have unparalleled knowledge and experience in financial payment solutions. M2 Payment Solutions, Inc. was launched in 2010 and is a privately held company founded and funded by the Digital Payments Group.

About Our Team

Lena Goncharik

Director of Finance

Lena Goncharik is the Director of Finance at M2 Payment Solutions. She is responsible for all accounting activities related to accounts payable processing, accounts receivable collection, and payroll; as well as budgeting, forecasting, and account reconciliation. Lena started at the company in May 2016 …

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Suzanne DeBard

Director of Client Services

Suzanne DeBard is the Director of Client Services. Her primary focus in this role is to manage the overall communication and projects between our company and our clients. Within her responsibilities as Director, Suzanne also oversees the processing of data for both our Issuing and Acquiring platforms …

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Jack Curtin

Chief Information Officer

Jack Curtin is the Chief Information Officer at M2 Payment Solutions. He is responsible for all software development for the AuthENGIN and AcqENGIN suites of applications. Additionally, he is responsible for ensuring that these applications run efficiently and correctly, in our 24/7 datacenter. Jack started …

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Jared Gorman

IT Director

Jared Gorman, a fifteen-year veteran in the technology industry, is the Director of IT at M2 Payment Solutions. Jared is responsible for ensuring reliability and efficiency in the network infrastructure including its 24/7 Operations Center. Jared started at the company in 2006 as a Network and Systems Administrator …

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Tina Marcus

Manager of Compliance and Risk

Tina currently serves as our Manager of Compliance and Risk. She has over 20 years experience in the financial industry including credit union operations, consumer and real estate lending, loan underwriting, credit cards, internal audit, compliance and risk. Prior to joining M2, Tina served …

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Rhianna Kidwell

Customer Service Representative

Rhianna is the primary Customer Services Representative and Incident Manager. She comes from over a decade of experience with a Fortune 100 company, which included frontline, operational, and support positions. She specialized in assisting and anticipating client needs …

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