Widespread Global Presence

Widespread Global Presence

State-of-the-art purse technology that allows our customers and partners to perform card transactions in multiple currencies without the high cost of foreign-exchange rates. We recently powered the launch of the world’s first FX/Travel Prepaid Card, offering users the ability to load multiple currencies and obtain true interbank rates on the conversion.

Key software program features include:

  • The ability to support infinite currency wallets
  • Online wallet management
  • Reloadable, general purpose cards
  • IVR and SMS support
  • Full access via API to manage and run your program
  • High frequency, programmable FX updates

Benefits to the Issuer

  • M2 Payment Solutions provides our clients with a simple, safe and secure way to handle money transfers. Plus, we offer corporations a gateway into the global market.
  • By using true interbank rates, users can save significant amounts of money, as most other prepaid FX/Travel cards apply a mark up to their FX rates. This is also done to protect the issuers from currency fluctuations. M2 Payment Solutions’ new service allows customers to access the same interbank rates as retail banks.
  • The benefits of our multi-currency, multi-purse platform include:
    • The ability to control foreign exchange costs by loading in a target currency
    • A reduction in issuance costs
    • Your choice of interbank or regular rates for conversion
    • The ability to personalize cards to reflect brand
    • Fully configurable program set up and reporting

Benefits to the Consumer

Cardholders can take advantage of the many benefits M2’s multi-currency wallets offer, including:

  • One plastic card with multiple currencies
  • The ability to travel worldwide without worrying about currency management
  • A lock-in exchange rate of currencies at time of load
  • The ability to securely exchange money in unsafe locations
  • The opportunity to plan and budget use of their cards, without concern over fluctuating exchange rates